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Facility Explorer® is better than ever. To celebrate Facility Explorer’s tenth anniversary, Johnson released Facility Explorer 14. Featuring a cleaner, faster user experience, enhanced cyber security and new ways to improve productivity. Layered with the powerful and intuitive Johnson Controls programming, configuration and migration tools, this is the best Facility Explorer release yet.
Facility Explorer Product Family
Delivering Exceptional Environments
Facility Explorer® meets any building management need. Wireless or wired field controllers and devices provide direct closed-loop control over mechanical and HVAC equipment. Supervisory controllers deliver network-wide coordination for single or multiple sites. The result is an integrated, comprehensive control solution.
  • Easy to program and commission
  • Multiple networking communications
  • Seamless data sharing across your network
  • Remote access via multiple communication technologies
  • Easy to see, easy to use graphic user interface
With Facility Explorer®, you can create a building automation system that’s as simple or as sophisticated as you need.
High Performance, Not High Maintenance
See more and do more through a better-than-ever, fully customizable user interface. Facility Explorer® supervisory controllers provide scalable, system-wide supervision and control to improve occupant comfort, reduce energy usage and optimize operating efficiencies. With engineering tools designed to reduce installation time and save labor. 

A family of field controllers with various embedded and optional features directly monitor and operate a wide variety of HVAC equipment. And now the Mobile Access Portal helps you get even more out your Facility Explorer system with easy access through a pocket-sized web server.