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Verasys Building Controls System –configurable, light commercial solution to manage smart buildings

In a single building, or across an entire enterprise, Verasys from Johnson Controls offers a light commercial controls solution for HVAC/R, lighting and metering. Verasys is an affordable system for new construction and retrofits of existing buildings. Through an advanced user interface, it delivers a higher level of building control intelligence that optimizes building ecosystems, resulting in a building that better serves its occupants, saves energy and reduces maintenance costs. Energy Equipment Controls can help you assess, design and build a Verasys system for a new or existing property.


  • Internet of Things technology optimizes building ecosystems
  • Seamless connection across devices—HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, energy monitoring and field controllers
  • Requires no special programming
  • Real-time performance data increases control to extend equipment life and reduce operating costs

At the core of the system is the Verasys Smart Building Hub, a multi-zone control center designed for managing and monitoring a variety of building applications in real time. This minimizes downtime and service costs while providing you with an extraordinary level of control over your HVAC, refrigeration and lighting. What’s more, the Smart Building Hub is highly scalable, so it can easily adapt to your needs as additional applications are developed.

The Verasys system…

  • includes a bundle of equipment and controls to create a complete system.
  • is easy to install, and comes pre-programmed and ready for field configuration.
  • automatically discovers all smart-enabled equipment on site.
  • is fully scalable to support both single and multi-zone applications.
  • can connect more than 100 single-zone rooftop units.
  • provides mobile access to critical data via user-friendly graphics.
  • sends fault detection and diagnostics alarm notifications via email or text.


Smart Equipment

Verasys can identify and leverage Smart Equipment from Johnson Controls or any other manufacturer. Verasys is a straight-forward, easy way to control and optimize single-site and multi-site enterprises. All mechanical and electrical equipment seamlessly connect to it and self-identify without requiring programming tools. As a result, you can take advantage of a new level of insight into building operations, and provide facilities that better serve occupants.


  • Plug-and-play controls system cuts installation time and complexity.
  • Simple interface delivers vital building data for immediate control of your environment.
  • Secure remote access makes it easy to manage your building from anywhere.

A Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise Portfolio Management

Verasys gives you complete command and control of HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, energy monitoring, CO2 and humidity. It streamlines installation, commissioning, and servicing, and provides access to critical data – when you need it and where you need it – to help facilities perform at peak levels. All while optimizing energy usage to reduce utility bills. Be it retail, a restaurant, c-store, multi-site buildings or a multi-site complex, it’s the plug-and-play system you need to reach that next level of efficiency.


  • User-friendly interface makes operation intuitive
  • Enhanced graphics simplify monitoring, troubleshooting and response
  • Easy-to-understand visuals increase productivity

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