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Energy Equipment & Control, Inc. FAQ for Pennsylvania

Below is a list of frequently asked company and website questions, as well as their corresponding answers.

Where can I find information on obsolete parts?
If you think that a part may be obsolete, first do a search for the part number using the search box at the top of the page. If your part number appears in the results, click it for further information, including possible replacement parts. If you do not see your part in the results, we will be happy to help you via telephone. Please call EECI toll-free at 1 (800) 360-3324.

How can I cross reference products?
You can try searching on the complete part number using the search box at the top of the page. If you get results, click any result for further information, including possible crossover data. If you do not see any results, we will be happy to help you via telephone. Please call EECI toll-free at 1 (800) 360-3324.

How can I set up an account with your company?
There are two different types of accounts. An Internet account will allow you to shop in our online store and make purchases with a credit card 24-hours a day. We require only basic information, which can be entered by registering for an Internet account.

The other type of account is an authorized business account, allowing you to pay using a Purchase Order. This type of account requires that you are a registered business and that you complete an EECI credit application. If you wish to, you can download a PDF credit application. If you are a Pennsylvania company and would like to apply for tax exemption, please download the tax exemption form.

How can I get on EECI's mailing list?
Join our mailing list or fax your information to us at (610) 437-4097. You may also call our office and ask for Michelle toll-free at 1 (800) 360-3324.

Does EECI offer discounted pricing on large quantity orders for a single product?
Even though most manufacturers no longer offer quantity discounts, EECI still does. For single orders of a product with over 20 pieces, please call our sales staff, toll-free, at 1 (800) 360-3324.

Do you offer access to training videos or classes?
EECI offers training through a variety of channels. We can set up training at your facility through a network of factory-authorized trainers. We can provide group training at our headquarters in Allentown, PA. We can also make training DVDs and videos available depending upon the subject matter and availability. Please contact EECI online or toll-free at 1 (800) 360-3324.

Who are the key personnel at EECI?
We have knowledgeable people in all departments at EECI. Please see our Key Personnel page for more information.

How do I obtain literature on the products I am buying?
Many of the manufacturers make information available online. Please visit our Online Tech Center for links to some of the manufacturer websites.

Why create an Internet account?
If you have an Internet account with EECI, then you will have the ability to order from a variety of over 100,000 parts from our online store. The setup of your account is simple, and you can include multiple addresses so that we ship to the right place every time. Enjoy the many benefits of an Internet account, and you are invited to register for an account here.

Technical Questions
How can you connect a new controller that outputs a 0-10vdc signal to a 4-20ma device?

You can use a 500-ohm resistor across the 0-10vdc signal to convert it to 4-20ma. There is no conversion for the opposite.

Besides Johnson Controls and Honeywell, what other manufacturers does EECI represent?
A more completed list of manufacturers we carry can be found on our Line Card. The line card includes additional information about manufacturers, including website links.

When can a vent limiter be used on a gas regulator?
Vent limiters on gas regulators can only be used indoors, with the regulator in the upright position, and on a system with a maximum of 2 psi input pressure.

Can EECI handle a complete ATC project?
EECI offers complete design, engineering, CAD drawings, custom control panel fabrication, programming, on-site start-up, and technical support for ATC projects. We do not provide installation services.

Is there a "rule of thumb" to estimate the amount of torque needed to drive a damper?
To estimate the torque required for a damper, take the area in square feet of the damper and multiply by seven.

If you have a question that you do not see on this list, we invite you to contact us with your inquiry.